Israel: The roots of Christianity

Tour dates: April 12 –23, 2013

Tour leaders: Dr John Dickson & Simon Smart

Tour cost: The tour price is $6,200 per person, twin share (land content only). The supplement for a single room is $1,475 per person.

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What really happened back in the first century, in Jerusalem and around Lake Galilee that changed the shape of world history? Ancient historian Dr John Dickson takes us on a journey that covers the length and breadth of Israel – from the Dead Sea to Lake Galilee and the Jordan River to the Mediterranean – visiting the most significant sites in the land, explaining how they fit into the story of one of history’s best-known and most influential figures, Jesus of Nazareth.

This tour is not a religious pilgrimage to ‘holy sites’, although we visit some of them. Instead our focus is on uncovering what historians can really know about the foundational story of the world’s largest religion, Christianity.

At key locations, Dr Dickson will deliver brief lectures on subjects such as the World of 1st Century Judaism, the Socio-Political Causes of Jesus’ Death, and the Roman Conquest of Judea, giving us a unique insight into the background and details of the Jesus story. As an additional bonus, worldviews expert and author, Simon Smart, will join us on tour to discuss the impact Christianity has had on the arts, ethics, politics, religion, science and humanity's search for meaning.

Enquiries and bookings

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