About Academy Travel

Academy Travel is an Australian-owned travel company, dedicated to providing tailored small group journeys for individuals and associations. Academy Travel is a qualified travel agency. As well as managing your tour booking, our experienced consultants are happy to assist with all aspects of your travel, including international flights, pre and post-tour accommodation and travel insurance.

Academy Travel is an open-age program and one business in our wider family of travel businsses including ADFAS Travel, School Tours and Sports Tours.

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What kind of tours do we offer?

Academy Travel offers around 50 journeys each year to Europe, the Mediterranean, Asia and the Americas, each focusing on a distinctive historical, artistic or cultural theme. There is an average of 16-17 participants (and a maximum of 20) on any trip. Expert tour leaders and carefully planned itineraries create a truly enriching travel experience.

why travel with us?

The aim of every Academy Travel journey is to combine the pleasures of independent travel with the benefits and shared enjoyment of a group.

Carefully planned itineraries

All itineraries feature a considered balance of walking tours, gallery and museum visits, scenic excursions, dining and performances, whilst still allowing time to build up an in-depth understanding and appreciation of what you see, not just a check-list of famous sites. Depending on the destination, tours have a strong history, fine art, archaeology or music component.

Expert tour leaders

Our tour leaders combine academic expertise with a genuine passion for the places they visit. Under their expert guidance you see rather than just look, hear rather than just listen and understand rather than just observe. Your travel experience is transformed.

Like-minded small groups

Share your journey with fellow travellers who are in tune with your way of seeing the world. A maximum of 20 participants – not too small and not too large – creates a convivial atmosphere.

in-depth information

With extensive printed tour materials (electronic also available), including detailed tour notes, destination guides, and daily programs, you’ll build up a coherent understanding of the country you’re visiting, not just a fragmented set of facts.

Long stays & residential tours

No whistle stop tours, no 7.00am departures, day after day. In most destinations we enjoy three or four nights to really get to know the place. Extended stays also allow you to attend to practical matters, such as laundry and emails. Each year we offer a number of ‘residential’ style tours, spending one or two weeks in a major city such as Paris, Venice, Rome, New York or Berlin.

Special Experiences

A private viewing of the Sistine Chapel or New York’s Museum of Modern Art? Tickets to sold-out shows at the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra? Many of our tours feature exclusive and unique events, a feature of our tours that plays a big part in bringing our Academy Travellers back to travel with us again and again.

Who chooses to travel with us?

No special qualifications are required to participate in our tours – just a love of travel and desire to see and understand more than the average tourist. Academy Travel’s journeys appeal to those who want more out of their travels than a check list of sites. They want to understand and appreciate the places they visit in some depth. Our clients feel that the tour leader’s expertise and the attention that Academy Travel gives to itinerary planning, selecting accommodation, working with local experts and including special events greatly enriches their travel.

Great service

Academy Travel’s clients look for the kind of responsive, intelligent and professional service that comes in dealing with a company that has decades of experience and is dedicated to providing an experience that goes well beyond the ordinary.

Expert tour leaders

Travellers choose to book on our tours because they know our tour leaders from their public lecturing or from a previous tour and trust them to add depth and meaning to their journey, because they want to be sure that their travel will be well planned and because they want to be well looked after when they travel.

Special features

Very often Academy Travellers are also regular independent travellers, but have chosen to join the group because of the special features of the itinerary or the expertise group leader.

Like-minded small groups

For an Academy Traveller, the idea of sharing their journey with a like-minded small group is something that enhances the journey, not something to be feared!

Repeat clients

We greatly appreciate the loyal following of Academy Travellers. Many of our clients have undertaken three or four journeys with us, and some have taken more than 10.


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