With decades of experience, expertise and our own offices in Rome, Academy Travel is an undisputed leaders in cultural travel to Italy. Popular itineraries include Sicily and the Aeolian Islands and our Florence and Venice ‘residential’ tours.

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From the Moorish delights of southern Spain to the cutting edge architecture of Scandinavia Academy Travel’s small group tours to Europe offer an in-depth experience of Europe’s remarkable cultural heritage of music, art and history.

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Australia and Asia

Explore millennia of history, superb art and vibrant cultures on our tours to destinations including China, Japan, Bhutan, Burma and Taiwan. Closer to home, we also offer shorter tours to Tasmania, New Zealand, ACT, South Australia and Victoria.

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The Americas

Our well-established cultural tours to the United States include the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, theatre, music and art in the North East and the Southern USA. We also offer a select range of tours to Canada, Peru, Mexico and Chile.

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Africa & Middle East

Explore ancient archaeological sites, marvel at dazzling tiled mosques centuries old, traverse desert landscapes and stroll through atmospheric souks on our cultural tours to Uzbekistan, Iran, Egypt, Ethiopia, Turkey and Morocco.

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Looking for a unique small-group cultural journey?

What makes an Academy Travel tour special? Since 2004 Academy Travel has created a range of small-group cultural tours designed to appeal to travellers with a strong interest in culture and the arts. Each tour is carefully constructed to explore specific themes, including history, archaeology, fine art, architecture, design, music and theatre. Enjoy the company of like-minded travellers and gain in-depth knowledge from our expert tour leaders.

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  • expert tour leaders
  • maximum 20 in a group
  • carefully planned itineraries
  • like-minded groups
  • long stays
  • special experiences
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Music & Theatre Tours

Enjoy great seats to opera and orchestral music in the great theatres of London, the United States and Europe, or catch the latest Broadway plays on our carefully curated performing-arts tours.

Archaeology & Ancient History Tours

Our small-group tours are led by qualified and experienced archaeologists and offer an in-depth understanding of ancient cultures.

Fine Arts & Design Tours

From Renaissance masterpieces to the contemporary scene, our broad range of small group art-themed tours are designed for lovers of painting, sculpture and design.

Garden Tours

Our small group garden tours focus on the synthesis of history, landscape and design of gardens in the UK and Europe, ranging in time from Renaissance villas to 20th-century creations.

Residential Tours

Unpack your bags and get to know the world’s great cities in depth on our residential tours. Extended stays in cities such as Rome, Paris, Venice, New York, London and Berlin.

Small Ship Tours

Enjoy exploring a region by land and sea, combining the luxury of small-ship cruising with in-depth site visits and access to ports not available to larger ships.

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