Dr Kat McRae

Dr Kat McRae

A practicing historical archaeologist based in Sydney, with extensive experience travelling throughout the Middle East.

Dr Kat McRae is a practicing historical archaeologist based in Sydney. She has extensive experience travelling throughout the Middle East and has worked on archaeological projects in Iran, Syria, Jordan, the UAE, Cyprus and Armenia.  She is particularly interested in the art and archaeology of the ancient Near East, but any old ruins will do.

Kat has a BA (Hons) and PhD in Near Eastern Archaeology from the University of Sydney.  Previously she has worked as a lecturer and tutor for the University of Sydney, Canberra University and through the Centre for Continuing Education, teaching Near Eastern archaeology and practical archaeological skills.  Through her current role, as an archaeological consultant and heritage advisor, she has developed a keen interest in Victorian social history and the historical development of the city of Sydney.

Kat continues to work on excavations in the Near East where her research interests extend from the late prehistoric period to the post-Achaemenid Empire.  She has written several articles and conference papers off the back of many of these projects and is currently working, as co-author, to publish the results of archaeological excavations at an Achaemenid-era pavilion in Iran.

Kat is an avid traveller and has a knack for seeking out the unexpected.  She loves sharing her passion for exploring new places and revisiting old haunts, and is particularly interested in exploring how the past has influenced current society.