Dr Michael Adcock

Dr Michael Adcock

A social and cultural historian who specializes in 18th to 20th century Europe. He has published works on the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution with Cambridge University Press.

Dr Michael Adcock is a social and cultural historian with over ten years’ experience in leading residential study tours. He has a strong interest in the connection between literature, the visual arts and the political and social contexts in in which they were created. In particular, he specializes in the political role of art in times of rapid social change, with reference to the American Revolution, the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution. Michael regularly lectures on the French and Russian Revolutions.

Michael has led tours for Academy Travel for 10 years, including residential tours to Paris and professional development tours for history teachers.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Arts, a Master of Arts and a Doctor of Philosophy, all in history, from the University of Melbourne. He has he presented courses on the French Revolution and on French society and culture in the 19th and 20th centuries at the University of Melbourne. He is currently Head of History at Melbourne Grammar School.

We asked Michael what he enjoys most about leading tours?

“I love the feeling of a tour that unfolds with the regularity of clockwork. I like to see people swept along effortlessly on a seamless unfolding of vivid travel experiences. For me, tour leading is not hard work, but a real professional joy. I sometimes feel rather like the operators who provide the New Year’s Eve fireworks display on Sydney Harbour, in the sense that I carefully plan the sequence of spectacles, and then orchestrate them one by one until the whole makes up a dazzling display of French history.”