Dr Mindy MacLeod

Dr Mindy MacLeod

A specialist in Swedish and Old Norse language and literature with two masters degrees and a PhD on runic epigraphy.

Dr Mindy MacLeod has studied and worked in England, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland and speaks Swedish, German and French and a smattering of other European languages. She holds two master’s degrees majoring in Germanic Studies & TESOL, and completed her Ph.D. at the University of Uppsala in Sweden with a prize-winning dissertation on runic epigraphy. She worked as a specialist translator on the Scandinavian runic database for Uppsala university and lectured in runology, language history, linguistics and translation studies at Linnaeus University in southern Sweden, where she returns to teach an annual summer course.

Mindy has attended and arranged conferences throughout Australia and Europe, travelled extensively throughout Scandinavia and former Scandinavian settlements, and has written books and articles on runic inscriptions and mediaeval magic. Her academic specialisation is runic literacy as evidenced in texts which range from the enigmatic early inscriptions through the highly ritualised memorial formulations typical of the Viking period to the joyfully obscene and everyday messages of the later Middle Ages. She is also interested in Germanic language history, Icelandic saga literature and pagan and Christian syncretism in Scandinavian texts and iconography.

Mindy works as a translator and editor for Swedish and Norwegian journals and as a casual academic in the Education Department of The University of Melbourne. She also teaches Swedish evening courses and enjoys Nordic Noir. Mindy is also interested in animal welfare: she is a wildlife carer and works as a volunteer tour guide at Healesville Sanctuary outside Melbourne.