NEAF Lecture Series 2014

Posted January 29, 201

A Lecture Series from the Near Eastern Archaeology Foundation – Sydney University

The Foundations of Western Civilization: The Eastern Mediterranean in the 4th & 3rd Millennia BCE

In 2011, NEAF launched a series of Saturday lectures that were aimed at giving an overview of the development of Western Civilization from the 4th millennium BCE through to the 2nd millennium ACE. These series proved extremely popular and there were many requests for them to be repeated. NEAF have decided to re-run these lectures for both members and for the wider public. The first of this series will consist of four lectures concentrating on the 4th and 3rd millennia BCE in the eastern Mediterranean.

While the Foundation has a history of presenting lectures by experts in various regions and periods, many members have expressed a wish for more general and comprehensive background lectures. Members of the NEAF Board, all of whom have extensive backgrounds in teaching at University level, will give the lectures. While the lectures will present interesting and up-to-date research they will be aimed at the interested layperson.

For lecture outlines and full booking details please click here.

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