Nov 13 - 28, 2019
16 days
$9,250per person, twin share (land content only). $1,565 supplement for sole use of a hotel room.

Tour Leader

Dr Chris Carter
Nov 13 - 28, 2019

Tour Leader

Dr Chris Carter$9,250per person, twin share (land content only). $1,565 supplement for sole use of a hotel room.
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Explore the ancient civilisation of the Maya, visiting the pyramids, temples and tombs of this mysterious culture’s heartland in Guatemala, Honduras and Belize. This new 16-day tour takes you to a range of spectacular sites, voyaging up rivers, crossing spectacular volcanic lakes, driving through jungles, and even boating through a cave system. The diverse ecosystems in which the Maya flourished, such as the Barrier Reef of Belize and the Rio Dulce, which we follow into Guatemala, are also a highlight – as are the thriving contemporary towns and cities of this less-touristed region.


  • Marvel at the massive pyramids and the elaborately decorated temples and cities of the Maya
  • Colonial Antigua, the historic capital of Guatemala
  • Spectacular Lake Atitlan and its surrounding villages, where Mayan culture remains strong and traditional dress is worn
  • Investigate the World Heritage sites of Tikal, Copan, Quirigua and the Belize Barrier Reef
  • Sail up the Rio Dulce Canyon beneath huge high cliffs and thick jungle, accompanied by the sounds of wildlife and birds

Itinerary Overview

Days 1–3: Arrive Guatemala, travel to Antigua and explore its museums, surrounding villages and coffee plantations.

Days 4–6: Visit Lake Atitlan. Return to Guatemala City and fly to Flores and see the Mayan citadel of Tikal.

Days 7–8: Admire the vast archaeological sites of Yaxha and Caracol.

Days 9–11: Discover the Mayan ceremonial site of Barton Creek in Belize and the ruins at Lamanai. Relax on idyllic Caye Caulker.

Days 12–14: Sail the Rio Dulce to Castillo San Felipe. Investigate Quirigua’s stone stelae and Copan’s ruins in Honduras.

Days 15–16: Return to Guatemala City.

Detailed Itinerary

Start & Finish

The tour begins at Guatemala International Airport and ends at our hotel in Guatemala City. Qantas and American Airlines offer flights into and out of Guatemala City, via Los Angeles, from most Australian cities. Contact us for quotes and bookings.

Detailed Itinerary

Included meals are shown with the symbols B, L and D.

Wednesday 13 November: Arrival and Orientation

Chris Carter will meet the group at La Aurora International Airport, Guatemala City, about one hour’s drive from our hotel in Antigua. Overnight Antigua

Thursday 14 November: Touring Antigua

This morning we embark on a walking tour of Antigua, the original colonial capital of Guatemala until the Spanish Crown ordered Guatemala City become the new capital following a devastating earthquake. In 1979 UNESCO declared the colonial city of La Antigua as a World Cultural Heritage Site – recognising it as a location of exceptional value. We explore the cobblestone streets and monumental buildings including the Municipal Palace, the Convent of Las Capuchinas, the Cathedral and the Escuela de Cristo. Overnight Antigua (B, D)

Friday 15 November: Coffee and Music

Today we travel a short distance through the beautiful Guatemalan countryside to visit some of the local villages and visit one of the oldest and most established coffee estates in Guatemala. Coffee production began to develop in Guatemala in the 1850’s and forms a vitally important part of the economy in the form of export revenue. The Antigua region’s rich volcanic soils and cool nights result in the best coffee in the country. We visit a plantation and follow the path of the coffee bean from the nursery to the cup including an educational tasting session. We return to Antigua after lunch and visit one of the most unique and interesting museums in Guatemala, Casa K’ojom (K’ojom is the Mayan word for music.) The private museum and education centre is dedicated to the research, preservation and dissemination of the traditional music and instruments of the Mayan people of Guatemala. Overnight Antigua (B, L, D)

Saturday 16 November: Lake Atitlán

We depart by coach for Panajachel on the spectacular Lago Atitlán, one of the world’s most beautiful settings, in the Guatemalan Highlands and spend several hours touring around the lake. After lunch in one of the many well regraded local restaurants, we board a boat and cross the lake to visit the village of Santiago de Atitlán. Santiago Atitlán was the site of considerable violence during the civil war – two of the most notable incidents during the war were the assassination of a Roman Catholic priest by right-wing death squads in July 1981, and the massacre of 14 people (and wounding of 21 others) when the army opened fire on a crowd of unarmed civilians on 2 December 1990. On arrival at our hotel, surrounded by Botanical gardens, there is time to relax and take in the stunning views of the Lake and surrounding volcanoes. Overnight Panajachel (B, L)

Sunday 17 November: Chichicastenango

Today we travel further into the countryside to Chichicastenango. Surrounded by valleys and mountains, it remains one of the most traditional places in Guatemala. The town’s isolation has helped to conserve its indigenous authenticity. The people of Chichicastenango, known as Masheños, are known for their adherence to pre-Christian beliefs and ceremonies and still practise religious rituals and hold processions in observance of their saints around the church of Santo Tomás almost on a daily basis. The markets, where you can find every type of handicrafts, fruits and vegetables, flowers, pottery and many other goods are held on Thursdays and Sundays and are famous throughout Central America. This afternoon we return to Guatemala City and fly to Flores where we spend the next two nights. Overnight Flores (B, D)

Monday 18 November: Tikal

We spend today exploring Tikal. An important ceremonial, cultural, and commercial centre during the 8th century the city became the greatest in the Mayan world. The central part of the ancient city has around 3,000 structures including temples, terraces, ceremonial platforms, tombs and plazas. All of these structures were connected with an aqueduct system that filtered the water and fed a city of at least 90,000 people. Recent investigations have suggested that the surrounding area contains the remains of over 60,000 structures and more are being discovered all the time. The site’s location in a vast national park surrounded by jungle and rainforest provides an opportunity to see local wildlife including howler monkeys, peccary and caiman and perhaps the elusive Jaguar. Overnight Flores (B, L)

Tuesday 19 November: Yaxha

On our way to Belize we visit Yaxha, one of the few Mayan cities to retain its traditional Mayan name, which translates as “green waters”. A large city located on a ridge overlooking Lake Yaxha, the ruins include the remains of more than 500 structures consisting of numerous stelae, altars and nine temple pyramids including a twin pyramid complex similar to the one in Tikal. This afternoon we cross the border into Belize and onto our accommodation in San Ignacio. Overnight San Ignacio (B, L)

Wednesday 20 November: Caracol

We depart early for our visit to Caracol, an expansive Mayan city whose ruins lie deep in the jungle. It is a densely populated city, known for its military prowess recorded on monuments documenting its victory over Tikal in 562CE and stelae, alter and facades inscribed with hieroglyphic texts. Caracol’s most impressive and largest structure is the main pyramid called Caana or “sky-palace”, comprising of four palaces and three temples originally decorated with white stucco and red paint.

(Note: this is a difficult site to visit – it is a long ride into a remote area in small vans but it is one of the largest known Mayan cities and the largest in Belize although tourist visitation is limited.) Overnight San Ignacio (B, L)

Thursday 21 November: Barton Creek

This morning we travel to Barton Creek. The creek actually flows out of a natural cave that is also an archaeological site with at least 6.5kms of passages of limestone formations throughout the cave complex. Evidence of the Mayan inhabitants is visible in the first kilometre of the cave who used this region for burials and ritual activities, although most of the artefacts have been removed for security reasons or taken by looters. We explore a section of the caves only accessible by canoe, venturing deep into the caverns – not recommended for those with an aversion to confined spaces. We continue on to Belize City after lunch. Overnight Belize City (B, L)

Friday 22 November: Lamanai

We depart by bus to the town of Orange Walk where we board a boat for our trip down the New River to the extensive ruins at Lamanai. The river voyage takes us through some of the most beautiful jungle and lagoons in Northern Belize where we may encounter a range of colourful and unusual birds, plants and other wildlife. Apart from its impressive architecture and beautiful jungle setting, Lamanai is renowned for its exceptionally long occupation spanning three millennia from the Early Preclassical Maya Period through to the Spanish and British Colonial periods, into the 20th century. Many of the site’s structures and artefacts represent the crocodile which thrive in the river and give the site its name. Overnight Belize City (B, PL)

Saturday 23 November: Caulker Caye

A relaxed day as we take a water taxi to Caye Caulker, a small sand island located near the outer edge of the Belize Barrier Reef – the second longest in the world. There is plenty of time to explore the village where no cars are allowed. There is also the opportunity for a swim in the ‘Cut’ (a constructed channel dividing the island), to go snorkelling in the crystal-clear waters toward the reef or to simply enjoy the local seafood with a drink and watch the locals at play. Overnight Belize City (B, D)

Sunday 24 November: Rio Dulce

We travel by coach from Belize City this morning to Punta Gorda where we cross into Guatemala by boat to Livingston. Once we have cleared Customs, we will join a cruise up the Rio Dulce, past the Castillo San Felipe, a Spanish fort built in 1652 to keep pirates from looting the villages. It was subsequently turned into a prison until the fortress was abandoned and rebuilt in 1956. We visit the town of Agua Caliente before returning to Livingston. Overnight Livingston (B, D)

Monday 25 November: Quiriguá

This morning we depart by boat to Puerto Barrios where we then board a coach to Copan in Honduras. En route, we visit Quiriguá, home to some of the most outstanding 8th century artistic stone monuments and an impressive series of carved stelae and sculpted calendars. The skilled craftsmanship seen in the carving of the hieroglyphs in the monuments Quiriguá led to a breakthrough in deciphering Mayan writing, providing an essential source for the ongoing study of Mayan civilisation. Overnight Copán (B, D)

Tuesday 26 November: Copán

Located a short distance from town, we visit the World Heritage Listed ruins of Copán, once the major city of a Classic period kingdom from the 5th to 9th centuries AD. It functioned as the political, civil and religious centre of the Copán Valley. The ruins were discovered in 1570 by Diego García de Palacio and feature two large overlapping pyramids, a processional boulevard lined with stelae, an acropolis and a court for playing tlatchli, a Mayan ball game with similarities to basketball. Overnight Copán (B)

Wednesday 27 November: To Guatemala City

Today we travel back into Guatemala on our way to Guatemala City, a journey that will take approximately five hours plus stops to stretch our legs along the way. This evening we gather for a farewell meal in a local restaurant. Overnight Guatemala City (B, D)

Thursday 28 November: Depart

The tour concludes after breakfast in the hotel. Passengers who have booked their international flights through Academy Travel will be provided with a transfer to the airport. (B)

Dr Chris Carter

An indigenous and historical archaeologist, actively involved in research in the Atacama region of Chile.

Christopher Carter is an archaeologist with over 20 years’ experience leading tours to Central and South America, Spain and Ireland as well as within Australia. He is particularly interested in human interaction within landscapes and the formative period of cultural development.

Chris has a BA(Hons), MA and PhD from the Australian National University (ANU). He has worked as a tutor at the ANU and lectured at both the ANU and University of Sydney Centres for Continuing Education. When not leading tours, Chris works as an archaeological consultant and heritage advisor.

Chris’ research interests cover both Indigenous and Australian historical archaeology. He is also actively involved in research in the Atacama region of northern Chile and involved in a number of studies investigating the early settlement of this region. He has had a number of academic papers published in international journals.

As a teacher, Chris has always declared that archaeology cannot be learned in the classroom. Such statements resulted in him taking a group to South America in 1995. He has continued to lead several tours a year ever since. The areas visited have expanded to other regions that reflect the subjects he teaches.

We asked Chris, what part of tour leading does he find most rewarding?

“I love teaching and, as they say, ‘to travel is to learn’ and what better classroom than the wider world. Nothing satisfies me more than to lead people into new areas where they can see how humans have interacted with landscapes over the years –  to witness the evolution of both the people and the environments they occupy.

On a recent tour, one member of the group commented that they can now ‘see’ a lot more than they did before. In the past, they had taken so much for granted and never thought about how things changed through time. Their eyes had been opened and they began to think more about what they were looking at. To me, these are the statements that make my job worthwhile.”

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Hotels on this tour have been chosen for their comfort and location and range from three to five stars, with some resort style accommodation in regional areas close to the ruins.

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