Oct 18 - Nov 8, 2020
22 days
$12,925per person, twin share (land content only). $2,085 supplement for sole use of a hotel room.

Tour Leader

Dr Kat McRae
Oct 18 - Nov 8, 2020

Tour Leader

Dr Kat McRae$12,925per person, twin share (land content only). $2,085 supplement for sole use of a hotel room.
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Travel through the marvellous mountain and desert landscapes of Persia and visit some of the most remarkable monuments in the ancient and Islamic worlds. This 23-day tour explores the art and history of Iran, from Tabriz and Tehran in the north, to Isfahan and Shiraz in the south. The tour visits ancient Achaemenid palaces and royal tombs, mysterious Sasanian fire temples, and enchanting mud-brick cities on the desert fringes, and explores Islamic Iran with its enchanting gardens, caravanserais, bazaars and stunning mosques. Throughout we encounter the unsurpassed friendliness and hospitality of the Iranian people.


  • Tehran’s wonderful museums and palaces including the Golestan Palace complex
  • Tabriz’s Ottoman-influenced turquoise mosque and Grand Bazaar
  • The Caspian Sea and northern Iran
  • Sasanian watchtowers, palaces and fire temples at Takht-e Soleiman
  • Wandering through the gardens of Shiraz, where Persia’s poets are celebrated
  • Classical sites of Persepolis and Pasargadae
  • Evocative Zoroastrian and medieval sites in the desert city of Yazd
  • UNESCO World Heritage-listed Isfahan, centre of the ‘renaissance’ Safavid period

Itinerary Overview

Days 1–3: Explore Tehran’s palaces and museums.

Days 4–7: Drive to the Caspian Sea, then to Tabriz to visit the Blue Mosque, Azerbaijan Museum and the troglodyte village of Kandovan.

Days 8–9: Travel to Zanjan and examine the Sasanian ruins of Takht-e Soleiman.

Days 10–14: Investigate Bishapur, Persepolis and Firuzabad from Shiraz.

Days 15–17: In Yazd, visit Pasargadae and the Zoroastrian fire temples.

Days 18–21: Visit the Maidan and Chetel Sotun palaces and the Armenian Quarter in Isfahan.

Days 22–23: Return to Tehran via the merchant houses and water gardens of Kashan.

Detailed Itinerary

Start & Finish

The tour begins and ends at our hotel in Tehran. Emirates and Qatar Airways offer daily flights from most Australian cities into Tehran. Contact us for quotes and bookings.

Detailed Itinerary

Included meals are shown with the symbols B, L and D.

Sunday October 18: Arrival

Arrive into Tehran where you will be met and transferred to our hotel. In the afternoon visit the Carpet Museum to see the extensive collection of old and new Persian carpets and rugs sourced from the major carpet-weaving centres of Iran. Overnight Tehran (D)

Monday October 19: Tehran Museums

Today is devoted to visiting some of Tehran’s Museums, demonstrating the rich cultural heritage of the country. The visits will include the archaeological and Islamic sections of Iran’s National Museum, displaying an authenticated collection of pre-historic and ancient artefacts with pottery dating back to 6-7 millennium BC, and the Golestan Palace and Museum Complex, the former residence of the 19th and early 20th century Qajar Kings of Iran, incorporating several museums including the Marble Throne Room. Overnight Tehran (B, L, D)

Tuesday October 20: Golestan Palace

This morning we visit the Reza Abbasi Museum where the exhibits of fine Iranian art are arranged chronologically from the 2nd millenium BC to the end of the Qajar era in the early 20th century. After a break for lunch we visit the fabulous State’s Jewels Museum. It showcases some of the magnificent jewellery belonging to the last kings of Iran, including the Darya-i Nur (Sea of Light), the largest uncut diamond in the world, and the ‘Globe of Jewels’, a map of the world in emerald, sapphire, ruby, and diamonds. Overnight Tehran (B, L, D)

Wednesday October 21: The Caspian Sea

Departing Tehran we travel north through the picturesque Elburz Mountains and then along the shores of the Caspian Sea via the port of Anzali. We stop for lunch overlooking the Caspian Sea before continuing to Astara and our hotel on the lake backing onto the mountains. Overnight Astara (B, L, D)

Thursday October 22: Ardebil to Tabriz

A pleasant morning’s drive brings us to Ardebil to visit the magnificent Mausoleum of Sheikh Saffi-eddin Ardebili, a widely revered Sufi Philosopher of the 14th century, who made Ardebil his home. He was the forefather of the well-known Safavid Kings of Iran and his mausoleum has been the mecca of thousands of pilgrims and dervishes throughout the centuries.  Ardebil sits on a high plateau and if the day is clear we should have good views of Mt Sabalan on our way to Tabriz. Overnight Tabriz (B, L, D)

Friday October 23: St Stephanos

We travel outside of Tabriz for a full day excursion to visit the Armenian church of St Stephanos, set amongst spectacular mountain scenery in the Aros River Valley. The church features typical Armenian architecture with a bell tower and cylindrical tower with a conical roof. Overnight Tabriz (B, L, D)

Saturday October 24: Exploring Tabriz

This morning we visit the Blue Mosque, known in the world as the Turquoise of Islam, the Azerbaijan Museum, displaying a fine collection of pre-historic and historic artefacts found in the area, and the extensive bazaar. After a break for lunch, we take a short excursion to the intriguing troglodyte village of Kandovan, up in the heights of Mt Sahand, a volcanic mountain. Here the people have carved their houses in the rocks and still live in them as in ancient times. Overnight Tabriz (B, L, D)

Sunday October 25: To Zanjan

Today we travel to Zanjan and visit the magnificent Mausoleum of Uljaitu, constructed during the reign of Sultan Muhammad Khoda Bandeh (1304-1330). Its huge dome, which is about 51 metres high, ranks amongst the largest in the world; the stucco-work, tile-work, and the designs decorating this monument make it unique. Overnight Zanjan (B, L, D)

Monday October 26: Takht-e-Soleiman

We embark on a full day’s journey into the Zagros Mountains where we visit the site of Takht-e-Soleiman located in a broad and remote mountain valley. What remains are the massive stone walls and remnants of the thirty-eight watch towers, palaces, the fire temple and the Anahita temple, built around the conical crater lake mainly by the Sassanians in the 6th century. Overnight Zanjan (B, L, D)

Tuesday October 27: To Shiraz

This morning we return to Tehran by coach before boarding our domestic flight to Shiraz. Overnight Shiraz (B, L, D)

Wednesday October 28: Firuzabad

We travel south to the city known today as Firuzabad to visit the enormous palace of Ardashir, of unique architectural design with its huge arch and three domes. On the ancient road to Firuzabad we pass by two bas-reliefs, depicting Ardashir defeating the Parthian king Artabanus and receiving the crown of kingship from Ahuramazda, as well as the Qaleh-i Dokhtar, built by Ardashir as a fortress guarding the entrance to the valley. Overnight Shiraz (B, L, D)

Thursday October 29: Bishapur

Today we travel to Bishapur to visit the site of the Sassanian city built by Shapur 1st (241-273 A.D.), the second Sassanian king. We investigate the building complex which includes six Sassanian rock-reliefs at Tang-e-Chogan, commemorating Shapur’s victories over the Romans and other adversaries. Overnight Shiraz (B, L, D)

Friday October 30: Exploring Shiraz

In the morning we visit the tomb of the great 14th century poet Hafez. Set in a peaceful garden, the marble tombstone is engraved with a verse from the poet and many Iranians treat the tomb as a site of pilgrimage. We visit the wonderful Bagh-i-Eram garden with a grand residence overlooking the fountains and botanic gardens; and Nasr el-Molk mosque with its unusually deep blue tiling, finely carved pillars and exquisite stained glass. The afternoon is free for further shopping in the bazaar or visiting more of the many monuments of Shiraz. Overnight Shiraz (B, L, D)

Saturday October 31: Persepolis

We depart for Persepolis, one of the most important sites of the Ancient World, is our destination today. It is the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid kings with remains of the palaces of Darius the Great, Xerxes and Artaxerxes, and its famous bas-reliefs, depicting kings and courtiers and gift-bearing representatives of tributary nations of the Persian Empire. At Naghsh-e-Rostam we see the Achaemenid fire temple Ka’be-Zardosht and Royal Tombs plus seven magnificent Sassanian rock-reliefs (including Shapur the First’s famous victory over the Roman Emperor Valerian). Our hotel is conveniently located next to the site at Persepolis. Overnight Persepolis (B, L, D)

Sunday November 1: Pasargardae

On the way to Yazd we visit Pasargadae, the site of the tomb and remains of palaces of Cyrus the Great, the founder of the Persian Empire, all located in the magnificent Dasht-e-Morghab. Driving through the typical desert town of Abarkuh we stop and have tea under the shade of a 4,000-year old Cypress tree before arriving into Yazd and checking into our hotel. Overnight Yazd (B, L, D)

Monday November 2: Zoroastrian Yazd

The Zoroastrian religion was the main religion of Iran from at least Sassanian times and perhaps even earlier. It emphasises the manifestation of divinity in nature, and its centres of worship are nature itself or the fire temples in each city or town. Today in Yazd, the centre for Iran’s small remaining Zoroastrian community, we visit one of the two Zoroastrian abandoned Towers of Silence (Dakhma), and the active Zoroastrian Fire Temple, the fire of which has been burning for about 1500 years. Among Yazd’s Islamic sites is the Friday Mosque, with the highest portal and minarets in Iran. There are also many beautiful old houses in Yazd, among them the Dowlat Abad Garden, which we see this afternoon. Overnight Yazd (B, L, D)

Tuesday November 3: To Isfahan

Leaving Yazd we drive to Isfahan, with a stop en-route at the village of Meybod where we visit the fine Zilou museum and ceramic shops. We continue to Na’in, another charming desert town and visit the 10th century Friday Mosque, and the 17th century Pirnia House and Ethnographic Museum, with a walk through the old part of town. After a break for lunch we head to Isfahan and check into our hotel. Overnight Isfahan (B, L, D)

Wednesday November 4: Exploring Isfahan

Our full day tour of the beautiful city of Isfahan commences with a survey of the city’s three famous bridges – Shahrestan, Khajou and Sio-se-pol – each with its own design and architectural features. We also visit the Armenian Quarter and several of its churches, including the important Cathedral of Vank, decorated in a mixture of Islamic tile designs, Christian imagery and wonderful frescoes. In the afternoon, we visit one of the world’s grandest squares, the Maidan-e-Naghsh-e-Jahan, including the Ali Qapu Palace with its balcony overlooking the Maidan. We also visit two of the Islamic world’s greatest mosques – the Sheikh Lotfollah and the Shah – both with magnificent architecture and tile work. Our touring today concludes with a visit to the Qeisarieh Bazaar. Overnight Isfahan (B, L, D)

Thursday November 5: Isfahan

Our sightseeing in Isfahan continues with a visit to the magnificent Friday Mosque, with the famous Uljaitu Mihrab (Prayer Niche) of the Il-Khanid period. The Friday Mosque is considered a museum of a thousand years of Persian religious architecture. Our exploration continues to the Chehel Sotun Palace, where its wooden columns reflected in the surface of the pool give its name ‘The Palace of Forty Columns’. In the afternoon we have free time to return to the main Maidan for a further visit to the shops and bazaar. Overnight Isfahan (B, L, D)

Friday November 6: At Leisure

Today is at leisure to further your explorations of Isfahan. Overnight Isfahan (B, D)

Saturday November 7: Return to Tehran

Today we return to Tehran by road, firstly stopping at the town of Natanz to visit a beautiful Islamic mosque and dervish complex. Next we travel to Kashan, to visit one of the most important and ancient archaeological sites in Iran, the ziggurat known as Tepe Sialk. We also visit the historical garden of Fin, which was first planted during the Safavid period and kept alive with water from the nearby Sulaimanieh Spring. A museum on the site displays artefacts from nearby Tepe Sialk. Before departing Kashan we visit a fine example of a 19th century merchant residence known as Borujerdi House with its beautiful stucco and painted decoration. Arriving in Tehran this afternoon, we check into our hotel with time to freshen up before we gather for our farewell meal. Overnight Tehran (B, L, D)

Sunday November 8: Departure

Flights depart Tehran throughout the day. Your tour consultant can assist with arranging the best possible connections and booking a late check out at an extra cost if required. (B)

Dr Kat McRae

A practicing historical archaeologist based in Sydney, with extensive experience travelling throughout the Middle East.

Dr Kat McRae is a practicing historical archaeologist based in Sydney. She has extensive experience travelling throughout the Middle East and has worked on archaeological projects in Iran, Syria, Jordan, the UAE, Cyprus and Armenia.  She is particularly interested in the art and archaeology of the ancient Near East, but any old ruins will do.

Kat has a BA (Hons) and PhD in Near Eastern Archaeology from the University of Sydney.  Previously she has worked as a lecturer and tutor for the University of Sydney, Canberra University and through the Centre for Continuing Education, teaching Near Eastern archaeology and practical archaeological skills.  Through her current role, as an archaeological consultant and heritage advisor, she has developed a keen interest in Victorian social history and the historical development of the city of Sydney.

Kat continues to work on excavations in the Near East where her research interests extend from the late prehistoric period to the post-Achaemenid Empire.  She has written several articles and conference papers off the back of many of these projects and is currently working, as co-author, to publish the results of archaeological excavations at an Achaemenid-era pavilion in Iran.

Kat is an avid traveller and has a knack for seeking out the unexpected.  She loves sharing her passion for exploring new places and revisiting old haunts, and is particularly interested in exploring how the past has influenced current society.

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