In order to get the most from your travels and keep up with the group, a reasonable level of fitness is required. Each destination has specific requirements, so you should check carefully with our travel managers if you are in doubt about your ability to fully participate. To help guide you, we have graded our tours.

Grade 1 – Reasonable Fitness

A reasonable level of fitness is required. You will need to be able to walk for a few hours at a gentle pace, remain standing in museums and galleries, get on and off coaches, trains and boats unassisted. Residential and long stay tours are sometimes Grade 1 because you can more easily choose to take time out from the itinerary than on other tours.

Grade 2 – Good Fitness

The most common grading for our tours. Grade 2 itineraries have all the requirements of Grade 1, plus a number of sites that require extra fitness – moving around uneven archaeological sites, climbing hills to enter towns or historic sites, walks of five kilometres or more. You need to have good mobility and aerobic fitness.

Grade 3 – Excellent Fitness

A Grade 3 tour is one where more than a third of the days on the itinerary include quite physically demanding activities. Unless you have excellent mobility and endurance, you will not get value from a Grade 3 tour and should not travel.


Look out for the star grading and key requirements on each tour.


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