Start DateDestinationTour NameTour LeaderTour Status
Sep 02, 2018Italy, EuropeSwitzerland to Rome: a journey through medieval ItalyDr Nick GordonPlaces Available
Sep 07, 2018ItalySicily & the Aeolian Islands: Jewels of the MediterraneanDr Estelle LazerJoin Waitlist
Sep 17, 2018EuropePrague, Budapest & Vienna: art, history & music in central EuropeChristopher MenzLimited Availability
Sep 21, 2018EuropeMoscow and St PetersburgDr Matthew Dal SantoJoin Waitlist
Sep 21, 2018Europe, ItalySardinia & Corsica: from the Stone Age to NapoleonRobert VeelLimited Availability
Sep 22, 2018Italy, EuropeMalta to Venice: aboard Sea Cloud IIDr Kathleen OliveJoin Waitlist
Sep 22, 2018ItalyFlorence and the Italian RenaissanceDr Nick GordonPlaces Available
Sep 23, 2018EuropeGrand Tour of Spain: Granada to BarcelonaDr Jeni RydeJoin Waitlist
Oct 09, 2018Africa & Middle EastIran in depthDr John TidmarshLimited Availability
Oct 09, 2018The AmericasChicago to New York: Operas & OrchestrasRobert GayPlaces Available
Oct 10, 2018ItalyVenice: City, Republic & EmpireDr Kathleen OliveJoin Waitlist
Oct 11, 2018EuropePortugalDr Jeni RydePlaces Available
Oct 14, 2018The AmericasModern architecture: Los Angeles to ChicagoStuart BarriePlaces Available
Oct 18, 2018ItalyPuglia to Pompeii: Classical Southern ItalyDr Estelle LazerPlaces Available
Oct 23, 2018Australia and AsiaTo the edge of the outback: Mungo, Broken Hill & BeyondDr Chris CarterLimited Availability
Oct 27, 2018The AmericasFrank Lloyd Wright: Chicago to FallingwaterDr Matthew LaingPlaces Available
Nov 14, 2018Australia and AsiaFrom the Yarra Valley to Bendigo: Victoria’s great regional galleriesDr Nick GordonJoin Waitlist
Nov 16, 2018Australia and AsiaJapan unmasked: art, history & cultureDr Kathleen OliveJoin Waitlist
Nov 18, 2018The AmericasThanksgiving in New York: music, theatre, art & foodDr Matthew LaingJoin Waitlist
Nov 19, 2018Australia and AsiaAdelaide and surrounds: art, history & foodChristopher MenzPlaces Available
Dec 20, 2018EuropePrague, Salzburg & Vienna: a musical Christmas & New YearRobert GayJoin Waitlist
Jan 06, 2019EuropeWinter in Moscow & St PetersburgMichael CarrPlaces Available
Jan 07, 2019ItalyArt Cities of Tuscany: Pisa, Siena & FlorenceDr Kathleen OliveLimited Availability
Jan 09, 2019The AmericasOpera in New YorkLindy MontgomeryPlaces Available
Jan 17, 2019Africa & Middle EastEgypt: from the Great Pyramid to Abu SimbelLucia GahlinJoin Waitlist
Jan 17, 2019EuropeLondon & Paris: art and musicChristopher MenzPlaces Available
Jan 17, 2019ItalySicily: Siracusa, Agrigento and PalermoDr Jeni RydePlaces Available
Jan 17, 2019Australia and AsiaSingapore Art Week 2019Robert VeelLimited Availability
Feb 27, 2019Australia and AsiaFrom the Yarra Valley to Bendigo: Victoria’s great regional galleriesDr Nick GordonPlaces Available
Mar 14, 2019Australia and AsiaNew Zealand: nature, culture and the artsDr Kathleen OlivePlaces Available
Mar 19, 2019The AmericasNew York: art, architecture, history & theatreDr Matthew LaingPlaces Available
Mar 21, 2019ItalyPuglia to Pompeii: Classical southern ItalyDr Estelle LazerLimited Availability
Mar 27, 2019ItalyVenice: City, Republic and EmpireRobert VeelPlaces Available
Mar 28, 2019Australia and AsiaHong Kong & Shanghai: Contemporary Art in ChinaDr Nick GordonPlaces Available
Mar 29, 2019ItalySicily & the Aeolian Islands: Jewels of the MediterraneanGerald DeslandesPlaces Available
Mar 29, 2019Europe, ItalySardinia and Corsica: from the Stone Age to NapoleonDr Jeni RydePlaces Available
Mar 30, 2019ItalyVerdi and Puccini’s Italy: a musical sojournRobert GayPlaces Available
Mar 31, 2019EuropeGrand Tour of Spain: Granada to BarcelonaElena OrtegaPlaces Available
Apr 02, 2019The AmericasNorth East USA: Chicago, Pittsburgh, Washington & New YorkDr Matthew LaingPlaces Available
Apr 03, 2019Africa & Middle EastMorocco: The Grand TourSue RollinPlaces Available
Apr 08, 2019EuropeClassical and Bronze Age GreeceDr Jennifer LawlessPlaces Available
Apr 12, 2019Australia and AsiaBhutan: the last Shangri-LaJudy TenzingPlaces Available
Apr 15, 2019Africa & Middle EastIran in depthDr John TidmarshPlaces Available
Apr 16, 2019ItalyThe City of Rome: Easter in the Eternal CityRobert VeelPlaces Available
Apr 19, 2019EuropeNorthern Spain & Portugal: Bilbao to LisbonDr Jeni RydePlaces Available
Apr 25, 2019ItalyLakes & Villas of Northern ItalyMichael TurnerPlaces Available
Apr 27, 2019The AmericasWagner’s Ring Cycle in New YorkRobert GayJoin Waitlist
May 02, 2019EuropeBerlin and Beyond: Berlin, Leipzig & DresdenChristopher MenzPlaces Available
May 04, 2019The AmericasChile and Peru: Empires of The IncaDr Chris CarterPlaces Available
May 06, 2019EuropeBerlin to Bavaria: a musical journeyDr Rosamund BartlettPlaces Available
May 10, 2019Australia and AsiaJapan Unmasked: Art, History and CultureDr Kathleen OliveJoin Waitlist
May 10, 2019EuropeAmsterdam to Bergen: music in northern EuropeRobert GayPlaces Available
May 14, 2019Australia and AsiaUzbekistan & Turkmenistan: a journey through Central AsiaBen ChurcherJoin Waitlist
May 31, 2019EuropeHigh Art in the Low Countries: Brussels, Bruges, Delft & AmsterdamDr Sophie OosterwijkPlaces Available
Jun 03, 2019EuropeGreat Gardens of Cornwall & DevonMichael TurnerPlaces Available
Jun 05, 2019ItalyThe Venice Biennale: modern & contemporary art in Venice & beyondDr Nick GordonPlaces Available
Jun 14, 2019EuropeArt Basel, Alsace & the Black ForestDr Nick GordonPlaces Available
Jun 17, 2019EuropeScandinavia & Iceland: The Nordic WorldDr Matthew LaingPlaces Available
Jun 19, 2019EuropeYorkshire to the Lake District: gardens of a passionate mindMichael TurnerPlaces Available
Jul 02, 2019EuropeMunich & Glyndebourne: Opera FestivalsRobert GayPlaces Available
Jul 06, 2019EuropeSiberia & The Russian Far EastDr Matthew Dal SantoRegister your Interest
Jul 23, 2019ItalyItalian Summer Music Festivals: from the Lakes to LuccaRoyna McNamaraPlaces Available
Aug 29, 2019ItalyThe Venice Biennale & the International Film FestivalDr Nick GordonPlaces Available
Sep 08, 2019Europe, ItalyVienna to Venice: the crossroads of historyDr Nick GordonPlaces Available
Sep 20, 2019ItalySicily & the Aeolian Islands: Jewels of the MediterraneanDr Kathleen OlivePlaces Available
Sep 23, 2019ItalyMalta & Sicily: aboard Sea Cloud IIRobert VeelPlaces Available
Oct 10, 2019The History of Science: Padua – Florence – Paris – LondonEmeritus Professor Robert Clancy (AM)Register your Interest
Nov 13, 2019ItalyFlorence: Study TourDr Kathleen OlivePlaces Available