Start DateDestinationTour NameTour LeaderTour Status
Feb 27, 2020ItalyPuglia to Pompeii: Classical Southern ItalyDr Estelle LazerLimited Availability
Mar 03, 2020AsiaTaiwan: cultural treasures & inspiring landscapesJudy TenzingLimited Availability
Mar 04, 2020ItalyVenice: City, Republic & EmpireDr Nick GordonPlaces Available
Mar 06, 2020The AmericasOpera in New YorkDr Robert MitchellJoin Waitlist
Mar 14, 2020Africa, Middle East & Central AsiaIsrael & Jordan: A Cradle of CivilisationBen ChurcherPlaces Available
Mar 15, 2020Africa, Middle East & Central AsiaEgypt: Beyond the NileChristopher BradleyLimited Availability
Mar 17, 2020The AmericasNew York: Art, Architecture, History & TheatreDr Matthew LaingJoin Waitlist
Mar 20, 2020Europe & RussiaSardinia & Corsica: from the Stone Age to NapoleonDr Estelle LazerPlaces Available
Mar 27, 2020ItalySicily & the Aeolian Islands: Jewels of the MediterraneanDr Jeni RydeLimited Availability
Mar 31, 2020Africa, Middle East & Central AsiaMorocco: The Grand TourSue RollinLimited Availability
Apr 12, 2020Europe & RussiaGrand Tour of Spain: Granada to BarcelonaElena OrtegaPlaces Available
Apr 14, 2020ItalyGrand Tour of Italy: Sorrento, Rome, Assisi, Siena, Florence & VeniceDr Jeni RydePlaces Available
Apr 17, 2020Europe & RussiaVienna: History, Art & Music in The Imperial CityChristopher MenzLimited Availability
Apr 19, 2020ItalyLakes & Villas of Northern ItalyDr Kathleen OliveJoin Waitlist
Apr 26, 2020The AmericasWagner’s Ring Cycle in ChicagoRobert GayLimited Availability
May 03, 2020Europe & RussiaNorthern Spain & Portugal: Bilbao to LisbonDr Jeni RydeLimited Availability
May 03, 2020Europe & RussiaGreece: Agamemnon to AlexanderDr John TidmarshJoin Waitlist
May 04, 2020Europe & RussiaBerlin & Beyond: Berlin, Dresden, LeipzigChristopher MenzLimited Availability
May 05, 2020The AmericasNew York: The Art of FashionDr Anna LebovicJoin Waitlist
May 06, 2020Australia & New ZealandFrom the Yarra Valley to Bendigo: Victoria’s Regional GalleriesElena OrtegaPlaces Available
May 09, 2020ItalyUmbria & Southern Tuscany: Gems of Central ItalyDr Nick GordonJoin Waitlist
May 11, 2020AsiaJapan Unmasked: Art, History & CultureAnn MacArthurLimited Availability
May 17, 2020The AmericasFrank Lloyd Wright: Chicago to FallingwaterDr Matthew LaingLimited Availability
May 28, 2020Europe & RussiaBurgundy, Provence & The Riviera: Medieval & ModernDr Kathleen OliveJoin Waitlist
May 28, 2020Europe & RussiaBudapest to the Baltic: A Musical JourneyRobert GayJoin Waitlist
Jun 01, 2020Europe & RussiaGreat Gardens of Cornwall & DevonMichael TurnerLimited Availability
Jun 01, 2020Europe & RussiaItalian Hill Towns: From the Alps to RomeDr Jeni RydePlaces Available
Jun 17, 2020Europe & RussiaArt Along the Rhine: Strasbourg to CologneDr Nick GordonPlaces Available
Jun 19, 2020Europe & RussiaArt Basel & The Berlin BiennaleDr Thomas BerghuisPlaces Available
Jul 01, 2020Europe & RussiaScotland’s Gardens & Castles: From Edinburgh to the HighlandsMichael TurnerJoin Waitlist
Jul 09, 2020Europe & RussiaMunich & Glyndebourne: Opera FestivalsRobert GayLimited Availability
Jul 15, 2020Europe & RussiaSiberia & The Russian Far EastDr Matthew Dal SantoPlaces Available
Jul 21, 2020ItalyItalian Summer Music Festivals: from the Lakes to LuccaRoyna McNamaraPlaces Available
Aug 24, 2020Europe & RussiaStockholm to St Petersburg: A Baltic JourneyDr Matthew LaingPlaces Available
Sep 03, 2020Europe & RussiaScandinavia: Explorers & InnovatorsDr Mindy MacLeodPlaces Available
Sep 04, 2020Europe & RussiaMadrid: Study TourElena OrtegaPlaces Available
Sep 07, 2020Europe & RussiaIn the Footsteps of Beethoven: A 250th Anniversary TourDr Tom FordJoin Waitlist
Sep 09, 2020ItalyNorth East Italy: The Dolomites, Friuli & The VenetoDr Nick GordonPlaces Available
Sep 16, 2020Europe & RussiaGermany & The Netherlands: Art and MusicChristopher MenzJoin Waitlist
Sep 18, 2020Europe & RussiaNorthern Spain & Portugal: Bilbao to LisbonDr Jeni RydePlaces Available
Sep 20, 2020Europe & RussiaCroatia By Land & Sea: History, Culture & IslandsDr Matthew Dal SantoPlaces Available
Sep 25, 2020Europe & RussiaSardinia & Corsica: from the Stone Age to NapoleonDr Jennifer LawlessPlaces Available
Sep 25, 2020Europe & RussiaMoscow & St PetersburgGeoff WinestockPlaces Available
Sep 25, 2020Europe & RussiaBohemia & Bavaria: History, Art, Music & LandscapeRobert VeelPlaces Available
Sep 26, 2020Europe & RussiaGreece: From the Peloponnese to the CycladesDr John TidmarshPlaces Available
Sep 27, 2020The AmericasWashington & New York: America’s Two CapitalsDr Matthew LaingPlaces Available
Sep 29, 2020ItalyRenaissance Courts of Northern Italy: Bologna, Urbino, Mantua, Ferrara, MilanDr Kathleen OliveLimited Availability
Oct 07, 2020Europe & RussiaTwo Musical Cities: Hamburg & BerlinRobert GayPlaces Available
Oct 08, 2020Europe & RussiaPortugalDr Jeni RydePlaces Available
Oct 11, 2020Africa, Middle East & Central AsiaThe Caucasus: Azerbaijan, Georgia & ArmeniaDr Matthew Dal SantoLimited Availability
Oct 12, 2020Australia & New ZealandFlinders Ranges: Along the Heysen TrailDr Chris CarterPlaces Available
Oct 12, 2020The AmericasThe South: Charleston to MemphisDr Matthew LaingPlaces Available
Oct 13, 2020AsiaUzbekistan & Turkmenistan: a journey through central AsiaBen ChurcherJoin Waitlist
Oct 13, 2020Africa, Middle East & Central AsiaTurkey: Classical, Byzantine & OttomanDr Jennifer LawlessPlaces Available
Oct 15, 2020Europe & RussiaIstanbul & Venice: A Tale of Two CitiesRobert VeelPlaces Available
Oct 16, 2020ItalySicily & the Aeolian Islands: Jewels of the MediterraneanDr Estelle LazerPlaces Available
Oct 16, 2020Europe & RussiaNaples to Barcelona: Aboard the Sea Cloud IIDr Kathleen OliveLimited Availability
Oct 18, 2020Africa, Middle East & Central AsiaIran in depthDr Kat McRaePlaces Available
Oct 19, 2020Europe & RussiaBerlin: Study TourThomas AbbottPlaces Available
Oct 20, 2020Victoria’s Great Regional Galleries: A Private Tour for Friends of HazelhurstDr Nick GordonPlaces Available
Oct 26, 2020Australia & New ZealandTo the Edge of the Outback: Mungo, Broken Hill & BeyondDr Chris CarterPlaces Available
Nov 06, 2020AsiaJapan Unmasked: Art, History & CultureAnn MacArthurPlaces Available
Nov 18, 2020Australia & New ZealandAdelaide & Surrounds: Art, History & FoodChristopher MenzPlaces Available
Nov 22, 2020The AmericasThanksgiving in New York: music, theatre, art & foodDr Anna LebovicPlaces Available
Nov 28, 2020Europe & RussiaWagner’s Ring Cycle in ParisRobert GayPlaces Available
Nov 28, 2020Australia & New ZealandTasmania: history, art & landscapeRobert VeelPlaces Available
Dec 21, 2020The AmericasChristmas in New York: music, theatre, art & foodDr Matthew LaingPlaces Available
Dec 21, 2020Europe & RussiaSalzburg, Prague, Vienna: A Musical Christmas & New YearRobert GayPlaces Available
Jan 05, 2021Europe & RussiaRussia’s Silver Age: From Fabergé to the Avant-GardeDr Matthew Dal SantoPlaces Available
Jan 07, 2021ItalyArt Cities of Tuscany: Pisa, Siena & FlorenceDr Kathleen OlivePlaces Available
Jan 21, 2021Africa, Middle East & Central AsiaEgypt: from the Great Pyramid to Abu SimbelLucia GahlinRegister your Interest
Feb 13, 2021Australia & New ZealandTasmania: history, art & landscapeDr Kathleen OliveRegister your Interest
Mar 03, 2021ItalyVenice: City, Republic & EmpireDr Kathleen OlivePlaces Available
Mar 11, 2021ItalyPuglia to Pompeii: Classical Southern ItalyDr Estelle LazerPlaces Available
Mar 26, 2021ItalySicily & the Aeolian Islands: Jewels of the MediterraneanDr Jeni RydePlaces Available
Mar 27, 2021Africa, Middle East & Central AsiaMorocco: The Grand TourBen ChurcherRegister your Interest
Apr 01, 2021Europe & RussiaEaster in St Petersburg: Opera, Orchestra & Chamber MusicLindy MontgomeryPlaces Available
Apr 23, 2021ItalyLakes & Villas of Northern ItalyMichael TurnerPlaces Available
May 03, 2021Europe & RussiaBerlin & Beyond: Berlin, Dresden, LeipzigThomas AbbottPlaces Available
May 10, 2021AsiaJapan Unmasked: Art, History & CultureAnn MacArthurRegister your Interest
May 12, 2021Europe & RussiaMusic in Scandinavia: Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo & CopenhagenRobert GayPlaces Available
May 21, 2021AsiaUzbekistan & Turkmenistan: a journey through central AsiaSue RollinRegister your Interest
May 28, 2021Europe & RussiaHigh Art in the Low Countries: Brussels, Bruges, Delft & AmsterdamDr Sophie OosterwijkPlaces Available
May 29, 2021Europe & RussiaBurgundy, Provence & The Riviera: Medieval & ModernLucienne JoyPlaces Available