Why do I need travel insurance?

For most, travel is a wonderful experience, and though we don’t plan for things to go wrong, unfortunately sometimes they will. Travel insurance is strongly recommended for anyone taking an Academy Travel tour. Apart from covering you for things that might happen while you are away, travel insurance policy may cover you for pre-departure cancellation, which would cover you when you have paid in advance for a tour. Travel insurance allows you to travel with peace of mind and can assist with those unexpected overseas medical & dental costs, amendment or cancellation costs, luggage and travel documents including lost or stolen passports.

The Department of Foreign Affairs handles over 20,000 cases a year involving Australians in difficulty overseas. Unfortunately, not all of these cases involve travellers covered by travel insurance. Travellers who are not covered by insurance are personally liable for covering incurred medical and associated costs. The cost of travel insurance depends upon the country you are travelling to, the length of time you are travelling, your age and any pre-existing medical conditions you (or a dependent relative) may have.